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Kotak Bond Short Term plan is an open ended debt scheme. The investment objective of Kotak Bond Short Term is to provide reasonable returns and high level of liquidity by investing in debt and money market instruments of different maturities so as to spread the risk across different kind of issuers in the debt market.


Scheme Facts

An open- ended debt scheme 
Quarterly AAUM*  
A) Non Direct Plan  
` 1011.35 cr
B) Direct Plan  
` 632.37 cr
Fund managers
Mr Abhishek Bisen Mr. Deepak Agrawal 
Launch Date
May 02,2002
Crisil Short Term Bond Fund Index

Load structure

Entry load
Exit load
1)For redemption / switch outs ( including SIP / STP ) within 90 days from the date of allotment of units , irrespective of the amount of investment : 0.50 %
2)For redemptions / switch outs ( including
SIP / STP ) after 90 days from the date of allotment of units , irrespective of the amount of investment : Nil.
3) Any exit load charged (net of service tax, if any) shall be credited back to the scheme ( applicable for all plans)

Other details

Min. Initial Inv.
` (a) Dividend Re-investment
& Growth -` 5000 &
above (b) Dividend Payout (Monthly Dividend )- ` 50,000 & above
Additional Inv.
` 1000 & in multiples of ` 1





Standard Deviation ^
Beta ^
Sharpe ^
Alpha ^
Portfolio Modified Duration^
Average maturity^

Expense Ratio


Service tax on management Fees & B15 TER not included


Top 10 Companies As on 31/3/2014

11.84%HDB Financial Services Ltd.(CRISIL AAA)
8.40%LIC Housing Finance Ltd.(CRISIL AAA)
7.22%Lands End Properties Private Limited(CARE AA+(SO))
6.43%Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd(ICRA AA)
6.23%Oriental Bank of Commerce(CRISIL A1+)
5.81%Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd.(CRISIL AAA)
5.42%Mandava Holdings Private Limited(BRICKWORK BWR AA+(SO))
4.15%State Bank of Hyderabad(CRISIL A1+)
4.01%HDB Financial Services Ltd.(CARE AAA)
3.93%Central Bank Of India(CRISIL A1+)

Rating Profile As on 31/3/2014

67.46%AAA, A1+, SOV
22.61%BWR AA+(SO), AA+, AA+(SO), AA, AA(ind)
9.65%Net Current Assets
0.28%CBLO & Term Deposits & Rev.Repo

suitable for investors who are seeking*

income over a medium term horizon

investment in debt & money market securities

Low risk(Blue)

*Investors should consult their financial advisors if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

Sector Allocation As on 31/3/2014

67.38Debentures and Bonds
19.73CP / CD
9.65Net Current Assets
2.96Government Dated Securities
0.28CBLO & Term Deposits & Rev.Repo

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Note: Risk may be represented as:


(BLUE) investors understand that their principal will be at low risk


(YELLOW) investors understand that their principal will be at medium risk


(Brown) investors understand that their principal will be at high risk



* for the quarter of  January - March 2014.  Source: MFI Explorer. 
^All data as on 31st March 2014.