New Emerging Fields Of Study

When it comes to careers, there was a time when we Indians tended to gravitate towards "safe" and "lucrative" career options in the fields of medicine, engineering, banking or law. We often chose these "science fields" due to parental pressure rather than passion.

Those days are passé and today, our kids often have strong opinions on what they want to do and there are limitless career options. This trend is supported by educational institutes who offer plethora of choices and industries keen to cultivate young talent through internships, volunteering opportunities and training exposure.

Expose your child to the ocean of possibilities out there, to ensure he has a steady career that he is also passionate about.

New Emerging Fields of Study to Explore with Your Child

For your Little Scientist
‘Environmental Studies’ one of the upcoming fields of study. We as human beings are hell bent on destroying the planet and unless we do something to repair the damage already done, the future generations are going to face a crisis. This field has multiple facets like Climatic Analysis & Management, Ocean Studies, Geology & Disaster Management, Waste Management, Water Reservoirs Planning, Flood & Drought Management, Aquatic Life Studies, Power & Energy Management, Meteorological Studies and much more. If your child is passionate about the environment and keen to make a difference, he/she can take up one or more of these fields of study. This is one area, for which the demand is only going to grow in future.

For your Little Bookworm
If your child is inclined towards the academics sector, Linguistics & Translations offer a wide arena of opportunities. There are multiple companies that need language experts; so, excelling in different languages ensures a variety of freelance opportunities.

For your Little Charmer
Marketing can never go out-of-league. However, these days, rather than marketing of the usual FMCG products – marketing of unlikely sectors like politics, science, films and more are gaining popularity.

Other Interesting Fields
A few other upcoming fields of study include International Law, Digital Art & Designing, Digital Media, Culture Studies, History & Archaeological Studies, Film Production, Nutrition Management, Cyber Security, Sports Studies, Genetics, Bio-Engineering etc.

In addition to exploring these options with your child, it is also important to consider the monetary factor. These upcoming career options come with a substantial expense attached. It is best to have your finances in order and plan in advance, if you are considering any one of these career options for your child.