Kotak Focused Equity Fund

Kotak Focused Equity Fund

An open-ended equity scheme that invests in a concentrated portfolio of up to 30 stocks across market capitalization

Distilling Gold From Ore - The Process

Sustainable Business

Seeking business with strong moats and with long term viability

Capital Efficiency

Seeking business where ROCE (Return on Capital Employed) > Cost of Capital

Good Corporate Governance

Diligent protection of minority shareholder interest

Managerial Capability

Business Vision/ Ambition and its execution are in sync

Growth At Resonable Valuation

Seeking reasonable values for businesses based on growth expectation and inherent value

Long Term Investment Fit

Prefer long term compounding ideas rather than short term tactical or event based trades

Risk Management In A Concentrated Strategy

Optimum Weights

Optimum management of stock weights in the portfolio based on:

  • Risk Reward Ratio
  • Liquidity

Cash Allocation

Generally no cash call will be taken. Fund will endeavour to maintain up to 7.5% of the portfolios for liquidity needs and portfolio modifications*


Manage liquidity to minimize impact cost of portfolio turnover as well as fund flows

Optimize Impact Cost

Select use of derivatives for optimizing impact cost and overcoming entry/ exit limitations, if any

The Key Is To Minimise Risk Of Loss And Maximise Your Winners. But How?

Begin Well

Rigorous selection process to identify potential winners

Constant Review

Regular monitoring and attribution analysis

Idea Validity

The CIO Equity will act as a sounding Board for the Fund Manager

Fund Capacity

Fund will stop accepting flows if Fund Manager believes it has reached optimum size

Downside Awareness

Risk/ Reward based selection to limit downside

Salient Features Of Kotak Focused Equity Fund

Concentrated Portfolio

25-30 high growth and good quality businesses with sustainable and scalable earning potential over the long term

Suitable For Long Term Investors

Those looking to benefit from the structural growth opportunity in Indian equities

Leveraging On Research Capabilities

Stock picking through the BMV model: 'Business, Management and Valuation'

Multi-Cap Portfolio Strategy

Ensuring stocks pick without market cap bias

Bottom Up Approach To Stock Picking

With a top down thematic overlay

Fund Features

Type of Scheme An open ended equity scheme investing in maximum 30 stocks in large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap category
Benchmark Nifty 200 TRI
NFO Opens On June 25, 2019
NFO Closes On July 09, 2019
Name of Fund Manager Ms. Shibani Kurian & Mr. Harish Krishnan
Entry Load Nil
Exit Load 1% if redeemed/ switched out within 1 year from the date of allotment and thereafter nil


One Pager

KIM - Key Information Memorandum

SID - Scheme Information Document

Editable KIM - Key Information Memorandum