Kotak Pioneer Fund

Kotak Pioneer Fund

Businesses today are outperforming competition thorough innovation in product, process or business model. As per Scheme Information Document (SID), the investment strategy of Kotak Pioneer Fund is ti invest into such companies that utilize new forms of production, technology, distribution or processes which are likely to challenge existing markets or value networks, or displace established market leaders, or bring in novel products and/ or business models.

India is rising in the Global Innovation Index Ranking

Due to changing times and boost in the country's innovation and technology sectors, many companies are coming up with innovative solutions in products, process and business models. Kotak Pioneer Fund aims to participate in the journey of such companies that are challenging and existing markets and creating their own success stories.

Source: Global Innovation Index (2018)

Where does Kotak Pioneer Fund Invest in?

Product Innovators

Companies that demonstrate ability in developing new product/ services.

Process Innovators

Companies that have developed new and innovative ways to produce/ deliver services.

Value Innovators

Companies that have shown new value propositions and ways of using things to customers.

New Distribution Technique

Companies that reinvent distribution strategies/ networks for business advantage.

Technology Adopters

Companies that have technological advantage or knowledge leadership in their field.

Global Innovators

Global giants that are leading advancement and are ready to catapult due to their advantage and advance technologies.

Benefits of Kotak Pioneer Fund

Impact Investing

The investment strategy is to invest in companies & funds which are engaged in pioneering innovations.

Equity Oriented Fund

80% to 100% in pioneering innovations themes. Up to 20% in other than pioneering innovations theme.

Seeks to Ride Mega Trend

The 4th industrialization and the innovation boom will create definite winners and our aim is to identify and ride alongside them.

Access To Global Innovators

Nearly 35% can be invested in overseas funds/ ETFs/ Securities investing in similar theme.

Sector, Index & CAP Agnostic

The Fund has mix of thematic and bottom-up approach of selection. As such the novelty of the theme gives it opportunity to create reference point.

Fund Features

Type of Scheme An open ended equity scheme investing in pioneering innovations theme.
Fund Manager Mr. Harish Krishnan
Benchmark 85% IISL Kotak India Pioneering Innovations + 15% MSCI ACWI Information Technology Index TRI.
NFO Opens On October 09, 2019
NFO Closes On October 23, 2019
Plans Available Regular Plan & Direct Plan
Minimum Investment Initial Purchase (Non SIP) - ₹5000 and in multiples of ₹1 for purchases and ₹0.01 for switches.
Additional Purchase (Non SIP) - ₹1000 and in multiples of ₹1 for purchases and ₹0.01 for switches.
SIP Purchase - ₹1000 (Subject to a minimum of 6 SIP installments of ₹1000 each)
Entry Load Nil
Exit Load 1. For redemptions/ switch outs (including SIP/ STP) within 1 year from the date of allotment of units, irrespective of the amount of investment: 1%
2. If units are redeemed or switched out (including SIP/ STP) after 1 year from the date of allotment of units, irrespective of the amount of investment: Nil


One Pager

KIM - Key Information Memorandum

SID - Scheme Information Document