KOTAK SIP DAY: A leap towards Financial Freedom

Wealth may not buy you happiness, but it can buy you freedom, making it necessary to ‘Save, Invest & Grow’ your money.

SIP Day continues its mission to empower every Indian with Financial Freedom by creating awareness about SIPs, breaking common myths, spreading awareness on how beneficial SIPs can be, power of compounding, why one should go in for long term investing and how to use the “stock markets” to our advantage.

SIP Day is earmarked every year as the day to educate investors & laymen on the benefits of investing and growing your wealth with the help of SIPs. Financial independence & self-reliance is of utmost importance to attain true empowerment & to follow your dreams.

A one of its kind, mega ‘Investor Education Initiative’ is happening in the form of SIP Day on 18th August 2017. It brings together influencers, market experts, investors & laymen, all on the same platform to usher in the era of financial freedom.

join us on the 18th of August 2017 at the

BSE Auditorium International Convention Center Hall

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