STP details

Through our STP you can choose to switch your investments from one Kotak Mutual scheme to another at a predefined frequency by giving a one-time instruction to us. You also have a choice between switching a fixed sum or only the appreciation on your investments.
This facility caters to two segments of investor needs :
1) Investors wanting to time their exposure in the equity markets over a period of time instead of a point in time. Such investors can invest in our Debt Schemes and choose a periodic transfer of investments into our equity schemes.
2) Investors who are already invested in equity wanting to book profits regularly and allowing the profits to earn returns in any of our Debt schemes.


STP advantages

  • mark Minimum 6 Transfers
  • mark Frequency available Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly
  • mark Weekly - Only on 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st & 25th of every month till the specified period.
  • markMonthly - Start with any date of any month, and stick to your choice date between 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st & 25th of every month
  • mark Quarterly - Start on any date of any month, and stick to your choice date between 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st & 25th of every third month from then
  • markFacilitates to plan your investment in any of our debt schemes at the same time gives opportunity to have a little exposure of our equity funds by investing regularly with out taking much of risk.
  • mark Allows transferring a fixed amount or capital appreciation on specified date and period.For investors in our equity schemes STP is an excellent tool for booking the gains and transferring them to a less volatile debt scheme. Such investors may choose to opt the appreciation option of STP.Ideally, STP should be opted from the growth options of our schemes/plans.

STP features

Minimum amount
` 1000
Minimum Installments
SIP Frequency
Weekly ,Monthly or Quarterly
Choice of Dates
Scheme Available
All Open-Ended schemes

Entry & Exit Loads

Entry Load
Exit Load
For redemption within 1 year from date of allotment of units, irrespective of the amount of investment – 1%