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The hostel gives you a temporary stay with an air-conditioned room with both air conditioning and full wifi. Please experience Nam Du Island with nha nghi o nam du. Maximize the needs of the long-distance customers when traveling to Nam Du Island. With modern and friendly interior room design styles with eye-catching ceramic tiles and floor.

You can rent boats for cruises and have life buoys. This is truly the most beautiful Nam Du homestay that we should choose to hang out. Welcome to the visitors of Nam Du Island and wish you a nice trip. This will be extremely happy information for travelers who are planning to travel to Phu Quoc on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2020, because visitors can combine a tour of Phu Quoc and Nam Du in their journeys without Must split into two tour programs as before.

Please reconsider your actions, make sure that this is the right choice for you. If you feel unsure or have any questions please contact the counselor We hope to accompany you Guests on Phu Quoc trips! In the afternoon, visitors can explore the sea, dive to watch the coral, watch the sea creatures, for those who like climbing, this place is not to be missed, because above Humiso is a hillside facing the sea, with roads. walking up the mountain helps you study the plants and animals dwelling in this forest. Holiday homes in Nam Du Island are currently the choice of backpackers coming to Nam Du. Nam Du Island is a blue sea paradise in the South of the South with a beautiful and rare landscape.

Located on Bai Kem Beach - the top 50 most beautiful beaches in the world, with cozy resort apartments and 5,000m2 overflowing pool reaching the beach, this is a favorite resort for family groups and friends. young. Built not long ago, the hostel is fully equipped with air conditioning, wifi, fresh water, etc. The hostel has a boat rental support system for travelers on the move, the price is quite affordable so This is also an option for travelers. Inside each room is a romantic window with ocean view and fully equipped with comfortable furniture, ensuring a relaxing space for visitors.

In the beaches here, the ideal is "Black Rock beach" has many beautiful rocks, multi colors, stones with many different patterns, when visitors come here will be immersed in the blue sea or lying on the pristine sandy beach and dreaming

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